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Frank A. Munsey

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Munsey, Frank Andrew (1854-1925), American newspaper and magazine publisher, born in Mercer, Maine. He began as general store owner in Maine at which he failed then became the manager of the Western Union Telegraph office in Augusta, Maine. In 1882 he moved to New York City & became the editor and publisher of The Golden Argosy in 1883, first as a magazine for juveniles then as a weekly adventure fiction magazine for adults. In February 1889 he began publishing Munsey's Weekly which was the first ten-cent periodical. In 1891 it became Munsey's Magazine.

He went on to publish the All Story Magazine which published the first works of Edgar Rice Burroughs beginning in 1912, plus an assortment of other pulp titles.

Munsey's magazine

He went into newspaper publishing establishing or buying several newspapers He owned the New York Sun, the Globe, the Herald (later the Hearld-Tribune) the New York Mail & the Telegram as well as the Washington Times & the Baltimore News. He was also a prolific author, writing such popular novels as Afloat in a Great City (1887), The Boy Broker (1888), A Tragedy of Errors (1889), Under Fire (1890), and Derringforth (1894).

His estate was willed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

He died in 1925 but his publishing empire continued until 1942 with such classic titles as Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Argosy, Red Star Detective, Red Star Mystery, Fantastic Novels & others. In 1942 the company was taken over by Popular Publications.

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